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Field and greenhouse projects


Greenhouse flood benches

Seema collecting in Grand Canyon

Qin's habitat plot

Megan's pollinator exclusion bag

Matt prepping for transplants

Over-the-edge transplant

Measuring dbh on old growth

Demography transect

Hauling plants


Study species and habitats

Desert M. cardinalis

Northern M. cardinalis

M. cardinalis seedling

M. eastwoodiae

Arches Natl Park

M. eastwoodiae

Navajo Natl Mon

M. angustatus

M. bicolor

M. bigelovii

M. bolanderi

M. breweri

M. filicaulis

M. fremontii

M. laciniatus

M. laynae

M. moschatus

M. norrisii

M. lewisii (Cascades)

M. lewisii (Sierras)

M. parishii

M. primuloides

M. pulchellus

Riparian habitat

Granite seeps

Oak foothills

North Cascades



Lab gatherings

Fall 2013 potluck

Frosty Mtn



Mimulus cocktails